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Introduction to DKCPC

DKCPC is a forum of administrations and commercial companies, which own gas-pipes and submarine cables in Danish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The principal goal of DKCPC is:
To promote the safeguarding of submarine assets from man-made and natural hazards, to the benefit of safe supply and delivery of market demands of gas, electricity and communication services.

Denmark’s infrastructure

  • Gas pipes, Tele- and power cables are very important parts of the infrastructure in Denmark
  • The cables and gas pipes in Danish waters requires special attention, because of the risk of unintended damage, caused by fishing or anchoring
  • Repair of subsea Assets are expensive and takes long time, compared with repairs on shore
  • Damages on subsea assets therefore affects the security of supply, and the delivery of market demands of gas, electricity and communication services.

Activities in DKCPC

  • Marketing of DKCPC
    • Advertisements and Exhibitions
  • Negotiations and cooperation with the Danish Fisher Organization
    • Positioning and information
  • Plotter files
    • To free download, and use in Danish waters
  • Manual
    • Intention to make a manual for asset owners
  • Website
  • Cooperation with the Royal Danish Navy
    • Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, MAS – Marine Assistance Service
  • EU-habitat areas
    • Cooperation with The Danish Nature Agency

Protection zone of 200 meters

  • Normally the cables are buried in the seabed, but in dynamic waters the seabed can move, there is no guaranties of non-exposed cables

  • To prevent damages there is a 200-meter protection zone on each side of the assets / cables, where other use of the seabed is prohibited

  • Fishing, anchoring and other active impacts in the seabed is also prohibited within this protection zone

Why become member of DKCPC?

  • We can represent all – with high influence
    • Towards the Danish Fisher Organization
    • Towards Danish authorities
    • Towards other companies with activities on the seabed
  • Cheap member fee
  • Professional Network
    • New installations, operation & maintenance
      • Contact to authorities
      • Technical solutions
    • International relations
      • ICPC – International Cable Protection Committee
      • ESCA – European Subsea Cables Association
      • NCRG – Nordic Cable Repair Group

Practical informations

Contact DKCPC for membership or questions:


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